29 may 2020

Information and Reseach Plan for European Territorial Cooperation and Neighbourhood (OCTA)

Project Start Date: 2011

Project End Date: 2015

Project status: closed

Financing programme: This iniciative was framed within the Observatory for Territorial Cooperation in Andalusia, led by the General Secretariat for External Action of the Andalusian Government, and Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Description: This plan was launched in order to inform and promote reseach in the field of Territorial Cooperation, among local corporations, universities, and organisations od public interest such us chambers of commerce, business assosiations and non-profit organisation.

Academic Directors: Miguel Agudo Zamora y Eva María Vázquez Gómez (University of Cordoba)

Keywords: european territorial cooperation, trasnational cooperation, cross-border cooperation, Interregional cooperation